Parents are super Internet savvy these days–a happy fact that means they are logging on to Yahoo! and Google in record numbers to do some research into everything from politics to fast food hoaxes and new, high tech ways to keep their kids safe. We’ve compiled this week’s top search topics into today’s Link Love so you can have all the latest news and reviews all in one place! Check it out to see what parents are buzzing about this week:

  • Tired of vacuuming all day? Check out iRobot’s Roomba, the vacuuming robot! Parents are raving about the iRobot Roomba, claiming it’s the sweet time-saver of the future.
  • A new software called Text Guard gives parents access to every text message that is sent or received from your child’s phone. You can even use Text Guard to block certain friends from contacting your child, and you can still see incoming texts that the blocked number attempts to send to your child’s phone. Many parents have been wondering if Text Guard takes things too far. Read this article about the new software on MyFox Los Angeles and let us know what you think.
  • Heard that it’s Wendy’s 60th Anniversary today? Turns out the myth of 25 cent hamburgers is just another fast food hoax like the recent In-n-Out debacle in California. About.com is reporting that the fast food chain has NO celebration planned (especially since the Wendy’s restaurant chain is much younger than 60 years–it was started in November of 1969!).
  • We think it’s a shame that the public focus on politics, policy and plans for the future seems to have been distracted by Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, but the issue over the reported $150,000 the GOP spent on Palin’s clothing is all over the press. Read about her plans for the pricey suits and blazers in this article from the LA Times.
  • It’s nearing the one year anniversary of the date that all-natural lip balm, lotion and shampoo-maker Burt’s Bees was acquired by Clorox in an attempt for the multi-billion dollar company to learn a thing or two about environmental sustainability. Do you think Burt’s Bees can help Clorox go green? Read this fantastic article from The New York Times before you decide.

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  1. Jackie White says:

    It seems that politics is more of a fashion show and popularity contest. That is frustrating.

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