We’ve gathered the most searched topics from around the web together in one place to help you stay current on what parents are talking about. While it seems like a lot of people are still focused on President Obama’s inauguration and Michelle Obama’s gown, there’s also a lot of buzz about Squirrel Appreciation Day and the Razzies too!

  • Obsessed with Michelle Obama’s unique brand of attainable glamour? Watch this short video from FashionCents about her chic Inauguration Day style (and check out photos like the one below, from The Huffington Post).
  • Let the kids leave out a peanut or two to your neighborhood squirrels and celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day! It falls on January 21 every year.
  • Curious to see how Obama spent his first full day in office? Read this article from MarketWatch for a synopsis of his new executive orders regarding Guantanamo Bay, government salaries and the “revolving door” in Washington.
  • If you and your kids loved the Obama girls’ inaugural outfits, check out what else J.Crew has to offer in it’s kids’ line Crewcuts.
  • If you loved Mike Meyers in The Love Guru, you might cringe to see the list of nominees for this year’s Razzies! See what other films landed on the Razzie list in this article from E! Online.

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