What’s a mom to do when her baby wakes up with a 102 fever on her first birthday? Our contributor Susan L. shares with up how she got through the day without going delirious:

If you know me, you know that I’m a planner. So naturally, I started planning Baby D’s first birthday party three months ago.  Afterall, there were so many things to think about: invitations, party favors, the guest list, the venue, games and entertainment, food and the cake!

The guest list of 60 people (30 adults and just about 30 kids) pretty much determined that we were not hosting the party at our house. Thinking about it just gave me a headache, so we hoped for good weather and decided to have it at a nearby park.

The thought of keeping 30 kids entertained gave me mild anxiety attacks, so I looked around on yelp.com and found a face painter to keep the kids busy. It was great – the kids had so much fun picking out their “tattoos” and that day it seems that everyone was having a good time.  Everyone, that is, except for the birthday girl!

Poor baby D had woken up that morning with a 102 degree fever. She wouldn’t stop crying so we took her to Urgent Care to make sure it wasn’t an ear infection (it wasn’t – the doctor said it was a virus – which in my mind is just code for “we don’t know what it is, so tell them it’s a virus”).  We almost canceled party, but then decided to go through with it since it was too late to call everyone to cancel. And plus, it was her first birthday – I really didn’t want to cancel it after planning it for so long!

So, as you can imagine, D was not a happy camper that day. She was cranky and didn’t even want to try her first ever bite of cake! I was stressed out, convinced that the party was a big failure because she wasn’t enjoying it, but I had to remind myself to just roll with it. D had no idea what was going on and besides, she wasn’t going to remember it anyway!

And of course, because this is just the way life goes, D woke up the next morning happy as a clam. No more fever, no more runny nose. It was as if nothing had ever happened!

Here’s D NOT enjoying her birthday cake:


Here’s a rare moment of D NOT crying that day (at least we have this one picture):


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