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I baked my daughter’s first cake from scratch. It was a work of art—frosting scrolls and pretty lettering. No one knows that though because my husband dropped it on the way to the party. Luckily the cake was in a solid plastic container so the only things damaged were my pride and some of the decorations. The cake tasted just as good as it would have with the lettering intact. Every last crumb was devoured by the appreciative guests.

The next year, loath to put in the time and energy into a cake that might get damaged, I ordered a cake from Costco. It was cute with its monster icing balloon blobs, but it must not have been so tasty because we threw out more cake than we ate and I ended up taking more than half of it home.

The following year I swallowed my pride (and told my husband he was relieved of cake carrying duty) and went back to making my own cakes. Baking is something I truly enjoy. It’s especially fun to be able to make my daughters the exact cakes they want. I must be an oddity though because to hear the guests at the party yesterday talk, home made cakes are a rarity in the birthday party circuit.

I know that many moms would have spent more time on the goodie bags, the decorations and everything else that goes into a party. I focused on the cakes and the food.

Which would you have done?

Home Made Birthday Cake

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  1. Erin says:

    We just celebrated my son’s 6th b-day and the guests were raving about our cake at the party—the adults anyway, the kids ditched cake time in favor of more playtime. We did the “semi homemade” version for his b-day cake. He wanted a monster truck theme, so I purchased red velvet cake at Costco—I picked it because it had vanilla cream cheese frosting and was dusted with red velvet crumbs—seemed like a good base for monster truck cake! Once home, we added our own decorations. We ground up Oreo cookies and added that as our “dirt” then used pretzel rods to make an obstacle for our toy monster truck to scale. At the party when people asked if we made the cake I said yes not realizing that it was kind of a half-truth. Everyone kept remarking it was so delicious and homemade cakes are the best. I have to say homemade or not, this one was particularly good. 🙂

  2. krellpw says:

    My wife insists on making the kids’ cakes each year. For the same reasons cited: a) she loves to bake and b) she takes great pride in creating the exact cakes that the kids imagine.

  3. Julia Wood says:

    I had someone make my daughter’s 1st birthday smash cake, and I ended up being so disappointed, that she didn’t even eat it. She just had a cupcake that I made for the guests. I’m sure it was my fault for not describing exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t even think about it. Every other cake I’d gotten was so cute. I asked for a cupcake with purple and green colors. I envisioned a 3D (sitting up) cupcake with lavendar and lime green. I got a flat cake with royal purple icing. I was a paranoid mom thinking the dark purple would stain her first birthday dress (like she’s gonig to wear it again! ha!). So I made her second birthday cake. It wasn’t perfect and it was a lot of work, but I was so proud of it and everyone said it tasted good and looked cute. Can’t beat doing it yourself!

  4. Torturedmommy says:

    Other than their first birthday I’ve always made their cakes. (Their first birthday I was still too overwhelmed with trying to take care of twins.) I, like you, take pride in making them something good, that they are able to request. It’s also let me play with different decorating techniques. I always get rave reviews so either I have very kind friends or the cakes really are good.

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