sleepy Hello Tiny Talk readers! I’m excited to be the first to post in the new guest series, Mom Talk. I became a mom last year (baby D turned one last week), and I’m excited to share my experiences with you. I love discovering new products and tips to help keep my life organized, which is especially important for me now that I’m a mom and working full-time. I can’t wait to share these tips and hear about your great finds as well!

To start, I thought I’d share my reflections on my first year of motherhood.

It’s hard to imagine that one year ago, we brought D home from the hospital, all of 6 lbs. and 14 oz. She didn’t do much except eat, sleep and cry. I was impatient and wanted to make eye contact with her, to see her smile and to play with her. Well, fast forward 12 months. D is now 19 pounds and while she still eats, sleeps and cries, she’s added many more interesting and cute activities to her repertoire, including barking like a dog (yes, seriously)! I’m going on the record to say that her first word is “Woof!”

The first three months were a total blur. We were sleep-deprived, walking around in a haze all the time. I thought to myself a lot those days, “Um…am I really a mother now? Am I qualified to take care of a baby?” I didn’t feel like I had any maternal instincts and was worried about things like sleeping through D’s crying (I’m a deep sleeper). But, as cliché as this will sound, the maternal instincts, along with mother’s intuition, kicked in as soon as D was born.

d With every week and month that passed by I was continually amazed by D’s development and milestones. To see her transform from a mushy baby who could only lie on her back into an active, babbling baby who now refuses to crawl because she wants to walk (even though she can’t yet)—it’s just too amazing for words.

Sure, having a baby changed our lives, but we still do a lot of the things that we did before, like having dinner with friends, going on trips to see our family, even going to Tahoe this past winter. It’s important for me to share our experiences with D from an early age, so we pretty much take her everywhere we go.

Someone recently asked me if I would change anything in the last year and I said, “Absolutely not,” without any hesitation. I am extremely lucky and honored to be the mother of a beautiful, happy and healthy baby girl. I’m just as impatient now as I was when she born to see D take her first steps, to see her personality unfold and to hear her say, “Mommy” (and actually mean it). And, while I’m at it, I can’t wait for the day she sleeps through the night in her crib (we’re making progress) and when we don’t have to wash any more bottles!

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