New! RSVP Manager

For a stylish celebration, nothing beats a paper invitation. At Tiny Prints, we simply love the look, feel and style of high quality invitations, but we have to admit that there are some advantages to collecting RSVPs, messaging your guests and keeping all of your party planning information in one place—online.

That’s why we’ve created our RSVP Manager, a brand new and completely free service that creates a custom website just for your special event! Watch this short video to learn more.

By adding the RSVP Manager when you order invitations from Tiny Prints, you will:

  • Enjoy your very own website inspired by your invitation in an ad-and spam-free environment
  • Collect online RSVPs from guests and invite additional people to your party
  • Send messages to your guests and read their comments
  • Edit all of your website’s features and security preferences

Want to start planning your next event with RSVP Manager? Visit us online here.

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10 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    What a great addition to add to your website. It is very helpful for those that would like to offer the internet option of responding.

  2. Kevin says:

    Super neat product! What a great way to mix the elegance of paper invitations with the convenience of online guest management.

  3. Dr. Rosemarie Josue says:

    My best wishes for Cate’s Baby Shower! It just happened that months ago I & my family promised to visit our relatives out of state during the Holidays, thus I will not be physically present. And sorry for this late reply.. the mail came today December 17th. :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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  5. Claudia Barengo says:

    I am replying yes to the rworkman baby shower.

  6. Dan and Nancy Dorval will be at there grandson baptism.

  7. I would like to rsvp for Emily Archers baby shower for November 22nd.

  8. Melvin and Patsy Brisendine says:

    Melvin and Patsy Brisendine will not be attending Bill and Cleta Crisp 50
    th Wedding Anniversary on January 17, 2015

  9. Joe & toni Candelario says:

    We will be attending Ninfa Lopez 90th Birthday Celebration! Thank you

  10. Joyce Brittle says:

    RSVP ….Joyce and Caitlyn Brittle, will attend the Baby Shower for Brittany Herrera on Jan 25 2015

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