New Tiny Talk Blogger: Katie

I am excited to welcome a Katie M. as a regular contributor to both Tiny Talk and Diva Dialogue.  For a little more information about Katie, read below:

Katie M. is a Marketing Copywriter at Tiny Prints. She has the privilege of viewing nearly every piece of stationery before it goes up on the website, giving her the ultimate inside scoop on upcoming trends in the stationery world. She loves classic designs with a surprising twist, and enjoys finding new ways to express her ever-evolving personal style-a blend of traditional glamour and bohemian whimsy that makes Tiny Prints a perfect fit!

Some other interesting tidbits that Katie has provided about herself:

I am obsessed with: health & fitness, skincare, being allergic to things (I am allergic to corn and proud!), UCSB, all things adorable (my puppy included), the beach, rock climbing, cooking (primarily because I can’t eat normal things), getting real mail, having fresh flowers around, discount shopping, and shoes (who isn’t?)

Everyone at Tiny Prints and the other contributors to Tiny Talk look forward to learning more…

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    This is not bad advice, unlike a lot I have come across.

  2. thank you for Recommending Katie M.

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