Organize Your Busy Life

Life seems to go by faster the older you get. With more and more responsibilities piling up, how do you manage to stay organized? If you have kids, it’s even harder to keep track of everything. From grocery lists to figuring out who needs to go where and when, finding a way to keep organized is key to maintaining order in a chaotic modern life.

An email advertising a free family calendar called Cozi grabbed my attention for this sole purpose. Thinking of all Tiny Prints customers with so many things on their plates, I knew I needed to tell you all about it.

The calendar lets you assign details of appointments and events for every family member, and then syncs with Microsoft Outlook, which is great for those who use Outlook at work. You can also add things like shopping lists, gift lists and to-dos, which can be accessed by phone. The things I like most about the software is the ability to add photos to a collage screen saver and a journal that you can eventually share with friends and family. Cool, huh?

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