Ornament Card Uses

The ornament Christmas cards which were featured on the Today Show earlier this week are stylish and beautiful and have made more than one Tiny Prints customer swoon. We’re enamored with them ourselves, so much so that we brainstormed creative ways to use them so we could justify getting more.

Ornament cards as gift tags on edible holiday treats

Your friends will love receiving a heaping platter of home baked goods or a fun bottle of sparkling cider. The personalized gift tag will be the cherry on the cake. Give them something to hold on to when the treats are all gone!

Tiny Prints Ornament Cards as Gift Tags

Ornament cards as gift tags on boxed gifts

A beautifully wrapped gift box can always use a little extra help to make it stand out. Use the ornament cards to add a personal touch of whimsy to your gifts this year.

Tiny Prints Ornament Card as Gift Tags

Ornament cards as the virtual way to be present

It’s not always easy or feasible to travel for Christmas, sending an ornament card to your family allows them to keep you in mind as they celebrate around the tree.

Tiny Prints Ornament cards as tree ornaments

Ornament Cards as keepsake ornaments

Our babies grow much too fast and it’s fun from year to year to see what ornaments reflect who they were during past holiday seasons. The ornament card is a great way to keep a visual reminder of how small they were and to benchmark how much they grow from season to season.

Tiny Prints Ornament Cards as Tree Decorations

How else would you use these fun and original Christmas cards?

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