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I have thousands of photos sitting in folders on my computer and in my camera. The thought of printing them out, organizing them, finding cute photo albums, and then putting them in that photo album is beyond daunting. Which probably explains why I have exactly one family photo album. It’s of my oldest daughter and tells the story of her first 18 months. If you relied on that one artifact, you’d think we had one child and she was still a little chicken trick-or-treating on wobbly legs.

I want nothing more than to have photo albums chronicling each year of both my daughter’s lives as well as each year we’ve enjoyed being a family. Luckily with photo books I can cut out the painful middle sections – printing, sorting, purchasing the book, and then inserting the photos in said book. I can stay snug on my couch and sort through entire photo folders, just selecting the snapshots that catch my eye.

In the end I have a gorgeous book, a family yearbook if you will, that tells the tale of a whole year. And the best part is that no photos fall out, no matter how often we flip through the pages of the photo book to look over our year.

Photo Books by Tiny Prints

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