Picking the Perfect Name

Naming our first daughter was a challenge that was only matched by the challenge of naming her little sister two years later. We agonized over picking the perfect name that would be just hers, wouldn’t get her picked on at school, would sound great in multiple languages, and would be easy to say in a hurried breath in case of an emergency.

In retrospect I think we picked perfectly nice names that should serve them well as they grow up. Both names are timeless and will suit a grown-up as well as they suit them now while they’re still young. I should have had more faith in myself.

Back then though I worried endlessly that we had picked wrong and I wished I could just put the naming to a vote and be able to hand off this tremendous responsibility. Today I know that letting others vote for a name wouldn’t have been any easier. For weeks we’ve been watching with bated breath as names were suggested for our new little Elephant – from original to kooky. Then we watched as fans voted for their favorite names.

Today we finally announced the winner, (Visit our Facebook page and click on “Vote Now” to see the winning name revealed!) and we should have known we could trust you all to pick the perfect name for our little friend. We certainly couldn’t have done a better job.

What's the Tiny Prints Elephant's name?

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  1. Heather says:

    So what did you name your girls? 🙂

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