Celebrating April Fool’s Day isn’t just for frat boys and office pranksters—kids love fun family jokes, too, and by helping them plan appropriate pranks, you can teach your children how to navigate the line between funny and hurtful, ensuring happy April Fool’s Days for years to come.

Here are a few fun, kid-friendly April Fool’s Day jokes you can plan with your family:

  • From meatloaf cupcakes to ice cream mashed potatoes, these convincing April Fool’s Day food swaps from Family Fun will have your kids giggling with glee over each bite of sweet spaghetti and malt balls!
  • These classic April Fool’s Day pranks for parents include telling your kids that you are a secret family of spies, or that the driving age is now 8.
  • Teach your kids some fun April Fool’s Day activities, including “Worm in My Apple” and “The Great Salt Exchange.”

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