Popular Baby Names

You can almost tell what decade someone is born in by their name. There are a lot of Sharons for example who are the same age.

Certain names are made popular because of famous television shows. Remember how Aidan became a favorite? Any “Sex in the City” fan will know. Or how about the name Emma? Could Ross and Rachel’s baby have anything to do with it?

Well here is the list of the top ten boy’s names and girl’s names in 2006. See if your baby’s name made it in.


1 Jacob

2 Michael

3 Joshua

4 Ethan

5 Matthew

6 Daniel

7 Christopher

8 Andrew

9 Anthony

10 William


1 Emily

2 Emma

3 Madison

4 Isabella

5 Ava

6 Abigail

7 Olivia

8 Hannah

9 Sophia

10 Samantha




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