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As we approach the New Year, I have began thinking about my New Year’s resolution.  This year’s resolutions are typical – be healthy, be happy, etc.  However, this year I have added something new,  in 2009 I want to make the effort to reconnect with those I have lost touch with the most.  Having recently been home for the holidays, I am realizing how little I get to interact with those that matter most to me and that I can change that with a little effort.

Of course, working at Tiny Prints I love paper.  So, I figure there is no better way to start this effort than by sending thank you cards to everyone at home who gave me a Christmas gift this year.  Additionally, I plan to use my stash of personalized thank you notes to keep in touch through the art of hand-written letters!

There is no denying that the handwritten word is fading away – especially for keeping in touch,  but at Tiny Prints we believe in Emily Post’s statement that a “written thank-you is your best bet for an expression of warm, heartfelt thanks. ”

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  1. Jennifer Grey says:

    This is a great resolution. I think I will try to do the same.

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