Some friends of mine recently had Liam, an adorable little baby boy. With bright blond hair and big blue eyes, he was born a Southern California surfer dude–and his dad can’t wait for the day he picks up a board for the first time! In preparation for that day, Liam’s parents have a closet full of cute onesies sporting their favorite surf, skate and rock logos, like these from Trendy Tadpole, The Retro Baby and Little Ruler.

If you spent every summer of your adolescence catching waves, grinding rails or rocking out with your garage band, this is your chance to pass the good times on to your little one. These rock, surf and skate-inspired designs will give your new baby a radical little sense of style. Rock on, little dudes and dudettes!

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  1. jamie says:

    where did your friend get the crib bedding from? I to have a little future surfer on the way and I love that bedding- if there is a website that would be great!


  2. greensmith1 says:

    Nice Collection dear, keep it up.

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