Saying Thank You

My thank you cards story is short and sweet-hey just like your thank you notes should be! But anyway, as a kid, my family and I would take a few trips a year to visit my grandparents. I loved staying with them. We would go to the beach, eat lots of delicious home cooked meals and fresh fruits. And my favorite memories always included my family and all the things we did together.

To show how much I appreciated them, I began writing thank you notes to my grandparents as a way to tell them how much I loved and appreciated them. I would hide these notes and leave them as little surprises for them to find and read later. I later heard how much they looked forward to finding my notes. And even years later when I was an adult, my grandmother found one and said it brought tears to her eyes.

Needless to say I think thank you notes are SO important! Especially now when everyone’s moving so fast, it’s nice to take the time to write a handwritten note. And with so many cute options these days, there really is no excuse. Check out this adorable design! I wish they were around when I was a kid.

Baby Tree


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