Sibling Rivalry

Unfortunately, sibling rivalry seems to be an unavoidable part of growing up in a household of more than one child. Most parents hope that the squabbles will turn into a close friendship as their children get older, but that’s not necessarily the case.

The wounds of childhood fights with a sibling can cut deep if families don’t take the time to acknowledge each child as a unique and talented individual in his or her own right.

If your kids are struggling with sibling rivalry, PBS’s It’s My Life website offers some great resources to help them cope with feelings of jealousy and anger.

The “Sibling Rivalry” game gives them different scenarios and asks them to choose whether they are examples of fun and friendly competition, or hurtful acts of jealousy. They can also read what other kids have posted about their own family turmoil, giving them a sense that they aren’t alone in their frustration.

If you take the time to acknowledge your children’s bouts of sibling rivalry now, you will make immense progress toward ensuring that they support and love each other well into adulthood. Make sure to talk to your kids, acknowledge their feelings and help them find resources like this for a little extra support when you aren’t around.

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  1. Jenna says:

    This is great advice! Thanks for the resources. I am sending them to my cousin right now so she can use them with her kids 🙂

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