St. Patrick’s Day

Planning on wearing green on March 17th? If not, prepared to be pinched. I remember being really careful about wearing something blatantly green to avoid being pinched by classmates.

What began as a religious holiday celebration honoring the anniversary of St. Patrick’s death is now celebrated by people of all backgrounds.

So who was St. Patrick? He was a patron saint of Ireland. Born in Wales, he was taken by Irish raiders and spent many years later after his captivity converting the Irish people to Christianity. It is said that he used three-leaf clovers to explain the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

So why do we pinch those who don’t wear green? I’m not really sure but some people say it’s to ward of Leprechauns and others seem to think that this was started by children in the US. One thing that seems to be clear is that the pinching thing is not an Irish thing.

In the United States, we celebrate St. Paddy’s day by wearing green, eating cabbage and corn beef, decorating everything with shamrocks or three-leaf clovers. If you are thinking of hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party, make it fun by having everyone wear green, serve Irish soda bread and cabbage and corn beef, and decorate your place with three-leaf clover cut outs.

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