Last night, one of our Tiny Prints staffers spent his whole evening putting together his family’s brand new stroller from Phil & Ted’s. He loves how stylish and easy-to-use the new design is, and when asked about possibly adding a second baby to the double-decker feature, he just blushed and said a mysterious, “Maybe…”


Like many passionate parents, our staff member and his wife own multiple strollers for different occasions. When their daughter was born, they ran out to buy the highly fashionable (though not easily stored or highly functional) Bugaboo.


When they realized that the Bugaboo isn’t collapsible or compact, they opted for a light, collapsible Maclaren stroller to bring along when they travel.


Now on their third stroller purchase, the family thinks they have finally found the ideal blend of design and functionality. While the Bugaboo was pretty, and the Maclaren was easy to use, the new stroller from Phil & Teds seems to fit just right.

What’s your favorite brand of stroller? Do you look for design over functionality, or functionality over design?

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