Many Tiny Talk readers know that I adore the San Diego Chargers and never miss a game if I can help it. But a lot of my friends and family members won’t watch a single minute of football until they gather together around platters of wings and bowls of guacamole for their annual Super Bowl parties. Whether you’re a die hard fan or a casual Super Bowl party attendee, now is the time to start planning your festivities for Super Bowl XLIII!

The first step, of course, is ordering your invitations. One of the best things about Tiny Prints is that you can customize all of our invitations to suit the occasion you are celebrating. Take these kids’ birthday party invitations, for instance:

Both of these sporty birthday party invitations can be transformed into Super Bowl party invitations using our state-of-the-art personalization process!

I admit that there’s a slight chance that the Chargers won’t make it to the Super Bowl, but making these invitations was too much fun to pass up! We won’t find out who is going to the championship until January 18th, so you might want to personalize your invites with general information and pictures of the kids playing football so you can send them out well in advance. Or, you could always order your invitations the day the playoffs end—with rush processing and overnight shipping, you will be on your way to hosting the best Super Bowl bash in town!

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3 Responses

  1. Jennifer Grey says:

    Go Bolts!

  2. Al says:

    Love it. This is a great idea!!! Can I come to your party?

  3. Tara says:

    Wow, you saw the future! It’s amazing!!!!! I can’t wait until Chargers vs. Giants—Charge!!!!

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