Support for New Moms

Being a new mom is hard without support from family, friends and even in some cases co-workers. My friend who recently had a baby said that her boss and co-workers came every day the first week after she gave birth to provide meals for her and her husband. Since not all of us are lucky enough to have that kind of support, here are a few other ways new moms can reach out to get advice, share their experiences and feel supported by other mothers out there.

1) Check out Meetup.com, an online network of local groups coming together to share their similar interests and hobbies. You can also do a search for social groups for moms in your area. Bay Area Moms of 2007/2008, for example, holds several get togethers for stay-at-home moms such as gabbing over coffee or taking the strollers out for a walk. Out & About Mamas in Union City offer playgroups for the kids and space for pregnant moms to get advice.

2) Moms Club is a support group for stay-at-home moms that has local chapters. The club does everything from helping children in the community to fun get togethers.

3) If you want to find other parents out there who you can connect with in your area, check out the online parenting network Raising Them.

An article entitled, “Support Groups for New Moms expresses the importance of networking explaining that research has shown that spending time with peers decreases the likelihood of getting postpartum depression. Getting support is not only vital but can be fun. There are a number of new support groups for parents and new moms sprouting out everywhere. Check out groups in your area.

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  1. Ed Madara says:

    Opps. I forgot another major one…

    La Leche League
    (support groups for breastfeeding mothers)

    For a story told by one Harvard professor of how, as a young mom, she benefitted from La Leche League…

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