Some of my favorite childhood memories come from slumber parties–hanging out with the girls and watching our favorite Disney princesses while scarfing down handfuls of snacks and giggling incessantly! It was a time of innocence and fun, but in retrospect it must have been chaos for my parents. Even though hosting a houseful of perky, pajama-clad kids might sound like a nightmare, you can easily turn every slumber party chore into a fun event! Check out some of these ideas for a sweet, stress-free slumber party.

1. Let the kids pitch in! Give your little ones the chance to pick out their slumber party invitations and to decorate themselves. Your kids will love the chance to show off their budding party style, and they are sure to come up with some creative combinations! Plus, parents and kids alike are sure to love these fun slumber party invitations from Tiny Prints.

2. Plan games and activities that make it easy for you. The best part about a slumber party is staying up late and hanging out with your friends, so don’t stress about keeping everyone entertained. The kids will happily watch a movie (with the proper snacks provided, of course!) or play a classic game like charades or Pictionary. If you want to buy a game for them to play, check out this great video from MSNBC with plenty of tips for easy slumber party entertainment.

3. Scour the web for inexpensive gifts. You can shop for fun slumber party goodies on your lunch break or while you are paying your bills online. It will save time and money–these darling little dolls from Birthday in a Box are only $5 each!

4. Revive some classic slumber party pastimes. Whip up some homemade spa treatments, like these from Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids, or set up pillow mountain climbing, an indoor obstacle course and a scavenger hunt (as recommended by Suite101!) for easy entertainment ideas.

5. Turn breakfast into an event! Instead of waking the cranky kiddos up and rushing them out the door, entice them to finish the slumber party on a good note with some fun and tasty breakfast ideas. Make bagel portraits,  banana dogs or eggs in a nest (all found on Family Fun) for a great start to the next morning!

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5 Responses

  1. Jackie White says:

    My mom used to (still does when I go home to visit) “Egg in a Hole” every morning. It is the most delicious and nutritious breakfast!

  2. Heather says:

    So glad you like our slumber party dolls! We offer great free party planning tips for a sleepover party as well, if you’re interested! You can see them here:

    Thanks again and love your blog!

    Birthday in a Box

  3. lilma says:

    iii`m having a sleepover but i can`t find invites please help me

  4. Katie says:

    LilMa you should check out our website, tinyprints.com. We have dozens of adorable slumber party invitations you’ll love. Like this one: http://www.tinyprints.com/product/12867/birthday_party_invitations_silly_socks.html Too cute!

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