A little over a year ago, I was out to dinner when I missed a phone call from my dad. I thought nothing of it, but then missed two more and a third from my mom. I realized something had to be very wrong and as my heart sank, I called back to learn they were at the emergency vet with Cody, our 11-year-old Australian Shepherd, and they wanted me to have a chance to say goodbye to him.

Eleven years of memories came rushing back to me. The day we picked him out of his litter. The time my parents drove him four and a half hours on a Sunday to surprise me my freshman year at college. How he’d lie at my feet each night until he knew I was asleep before heading off to his own bed. He gave us a lifetime of unconditional love and compassion. Needless to say, I was inconsolable the day I found out his time had come.

Nothing could have prepared me for that phone call. To my family, Cody was beyond a house pet, or even just a dog. He was a guardian, a sibling and a companion. And like all proud parents, we were certain that our furry child was the best and brightest. There was truly something extraordinary about him that none of us to this day are fully able to express. He was in one word, family.

Those close to me were at a loss for words when they heard the news—but it was the simple things they wrote, and the comfort in knowing that they were there for me that slowly eased my heartache, one day at a time.

If you have a friend who’s lost a beloved pet, a little gesture can go a really long way. Now that Tiny Prints Greetings offers personalized sympathy cards for pets, finding a way to reach out may be a little bit easier.

In Loving Memory of Cody

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  1. Gayle says:

    After losing my dear Fancy several years ago I can totally understand what you mean. She was my faithful companion and loyal friend even when I had a new baby and the amount of time I devoted to our relationship shrunk. She still loved me and sought me out even as an old lady. Sleeping by me feet in the office and next to the bed when she couldn’t jump up to sleep on the pillow any longer. She helped me through motherhood and divorce and never told my secrets or fears. Taking the long trip to the vet on her last day and home again alone was heartbreaking. My only small comfort was the fact that she would no longer be plagued by her old, broken-down heart and could run and play freely without coughing or tiring. As I look at my oldest kitty I know it won’t be too long before his time comes as well and I will once again mourn the loss of another of my always faithful companions. I’m so grateful for the time we’ve shared but the years go by so quickly. The cards and notes I received after Fancy’s death are still cherished bits of love from my human friends and if you think at first that sympathy cards for pets are silly you have no idea how much they mean to those pet parents who are loving and missing their four-legged, fur-coated children.

  2. Jennie says:

    Love your sympathy cards for pets! What a great idea. I’ll have to order some to have on hand.

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