I remember being a little girl and rushing to the mailbox every day to see if maybe, just maybe, there was a letter for me tucked in between all the grown-up mail. It might have happened a handful of times during my entire childhood, but I never stopped hoping, and the thrill, when it did eventually happen, was well worth the repeated disappointment.

As my own little girl learns to read and write I’m toying with the idea of setting her up with a few local pen-pals. Instead of just practicing writing words in notebooks or on scratch paper destined for the recycling bin, they can practice writing and give each other the joy of receiving mail.

With cute stationery and some fun stamps, what might quickly become a tedious homework chore, could turn into something that brings them joy. In the process we might even foster the love of sending a handwritten note!

Botanical Burst Tiny Prints Notecards for Kids

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