The Best Baby Carriers

Carrying your little bundle of joy can often turn into a real pain in the neck (and back too!) if you don’t have the proper support for you and your baby. The best way to avoid potential health hazards related to bad baby carriers is to educate yourself on the variety of ergonomic products available on the market today.

BabyCenter argues that a good baby carrier will be comfy, easy to clean and adjustable, and it warns to carefully monitor your baby’s temperature while he or she is snuggled up in the carrier. The extra warmth of your body heat, combined with the insulating nature of the carriers themselves makes babies particularly prone to heat stroke!

Another great way to compare baby carriers is through online product comparisons, like this one from The Ergo Lady. She maintains that the ERGObaby carrier is the best on the market today, with a detailed list of the qualities she finds most important in a carrier.

You can also ask friends what their preferences are, and what features are most useful on their carriers. One of our stylish staffers here at Tiny Prints raves about the Beco baby carrier, which is handmade here in California and features a waist strap to help stabilize your baby’s weight and give you better back support. He also loves their signature blend of cool prints, excellent safety features and ergonomic design.

Here’s some more of our favorite baby carrier designs from Belle, Beco, Baby Bjorn, ERGObaby and Mei Tai Baby. Do you have a favorite that didn’t make our list? Leave a comment and let everyone know about it!

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  1. DJL Mom says:

    We have the Baby Bjorn Active (with extra lumbar support) and our 5-month old LOVES it. She loves facing out so that she doesn’t miss any of the action. I also have the New Native sling and a homemade “ring” sling that she enjoys. I love using the carrier because it provides a special closeness for the baby and me…not to mention it frees up my arms and hands so I can get some things done!

  2. Luke says:

    The becco is the best. We use it regularly and I have to say it’s not that bad on the back. They really designed it well. Some carriers do not have enough support on the lower back but this one does.

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