Note:  If you are following the journey of other bloggers in The Gratitude Challenge, you may have noticed that I skipped a post on day 7.  “Day 7: create a video blog post explaining what this week was like so far.” It’s true, I missed this post because I left the video camera in the office over the weekend.  However, do not fear, I promise to follow this up with a video post soon.  In the meantime, I tried to make up for it by taking photos of the things I was grateful for over the weekend. You can view photos here.

Now for today’s post…

Today’s task in The Gratitude Challenge is the perfect close to my fun-filled family weekend.  The request: try to see the world in the eyes of a child. Ok, having just spent the weekend with my 12 year old sister-in-law, I couldn’t have planned this any better.

So, a little background, as I watch my sister-in-law blossom into a young woman, I must admit that I am a little scared. Every time I see her, I wonder when her child-like innocence and uncensored joy for life will disappear.  I know, I’m a cynic. However, with only one “child” left in the family, I’ve seen this happen too many times.

Well, this weekend I was delighted to see that it’s not lost yet! In fact, I delighted in her incessant questions and desire for understanding. I chuckled when she asked, “What’s a burrito?” or called her Pad See Ew dinner “spaghetti.”  I smiled when she ran to the pool in 65 degree weather encouraging us all to jump in, and I reveled in the moments when she cuddled with our dog on the sofa at night with the biggest smile on her face.

This is when I realized that seeing the world through the eyes of a child, is in a sense what this whole project is all about.  It’s about taking note of everything around you and enjoying every minute of it.  Being thankful for the opportunities to swim in a pool (even if it’s freezing out) or cuddle with a furry friend, and expressing that gratefulness with joy.

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  1. Oh my, the cold pool observation is perfect – that is a child. They don’t care and just go for it. I love it!

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