It’s been two weeks of The Gratitude Challenge, and I must say it has been my saving grace! I had a really stressful week and was pretty down the past few days.  In fact, I was downright depressed when I left work yesterday.

To give you some perspective, for the past few weeks I was expecting to bring a second dog into our home. We found a puppy from a rescue organization in Nevada – but after weeks of delays, little communication and poor health issues with the dogs – the deal fell through.  The news left me a little devastated since we had already set up an area for the pup and we have toys and supplies in the house.

So, last night when I got home, I thought I would look at my gratitude challenge calendar to see if I can snap out of it. The task was, “take photos/videos of one thing, person, or place that makes you feel grateful.”  That’s when I realized, while I may not have welcomed the new dog into our home, our first dog was still in the house waiting to cuddle on the sofa with me.  So, let me introduce Joey – someone I am grateful for each day…

IMG_6015_1 IMG_5985IMG_5980

Now, I also believe that I owe you all my first vlog post explaining how week 1 of the gratitude challenge has been.  I finally  mustered up the time and courage to post this, so here it goes. (Please be nice!)

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4 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    You are adorable! I love this! XO!

  2. Lea! I am so proud of you! I watched the whole thing and it was great. We are all so sorry about your puppy. It is a blessing that these things are happening when you are trying to stay in a state of grace, so to speak.

    Ok, you have given me the courage- watch out, move or no move, I am posting a vlog this weekend! Watch out for it!

  3. Susan Ella says:

    Joey is adorable and I love your vlog. It’s perfect!

  4. Anna Fieler says:

    Great debut vlog! I’m inspired!

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