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Right now, prices across the Tiny Prints website have been marked down on all of our classic 2007 holiday designs before they officially retire later this month in order to make room for our fresh, new 2008 collection. But some of the classic designs are so adorable, I hate to see them go! If you’ve fallen in love with any of our 2007 holiday greeting cards or party invitations, and need a little help customizing them for 2008, read on for a short tutorial on our fantastic personalization options.

One of my favorite parts of shopping at Tiny Prints is the amazing personalization engine that allows you to transform any design into the card of your dreams. The process is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, but for those of you who are new to Tiny Prints, I’ve come up with the following step-by-step instructions for customizing any of our designs!

1. Select a card. Browse through our classic holiday greeting cards, and take a sneak peek at the upcoming 2008 collection! Once you have selected a design, click on it to get to that design’s Product Page.

2. Click on the pink “Personalize” button that appears to the right of the design image. This will take you to the first step of the personalization process, which will prompt you to enter certain information. Type in your family name, family members’ names and any other information it asks you. Then, click “Next” on the bottom right of the screen.

3. The next page gives you a chance to change just about any text on the design! Click on the area of the card that says “2007,” and a text box will appear. Type in “2008” or whatever other text you want to customize, upload your photos, and click “Next” to approve your design and complete your order!

4. Relax! Even if you forget to change a piece of text, each and every card that passes through our company is cropped, edited and perfected by a graphic designer. If you let the “2007” slip by, a designer will call to inform you that he or she will fix it for you!

That’s it! It’s really that easy to turn a classic design into a fresh and modern one. So get out there and start personalizing your Christmas cards and holiday party invitations. Happy holiday shopping!

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  1. Very interesting stuff.keep em coming.

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