Whether you are planning a party, gearing up for a busy week or just dying to break your fast-food routine when you forget to plan a decent meal, freeze-ahead recipes can make the difference between a stressful week and a stress-free week. To get started, find some sturdy plastic containers and then browse through these delicious, easily-freezable recipes at MyRecipes.com and Martha Stewart.

If you are planning an event, modify some of the recipes to suit your event—put toothpicks into Martha’s meatballs or whip up a few batches of MyRecipes’ Chinese potstickers for an easy way to entertain your guests in style!




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  1. lea says:

    i recently read about a “deep freeze” shower on http://www.babycenter.com. guests were encouraged to bring frozen meals for the mom-to-be so that she wouldn’t have to worry about cooking after the baby was born. i thought that was a different idea. seems like pre-cooking meals could also be a great idea for moms-to-be who feel like nesting.

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