Tiny Finds: 4th of July Tarts

I remember the first time I spotted a patriotic cake on the cover of a magazine. It was beautiful. White icing, row after row of strawberries, and a whole cluster of cute little blueberry “stars.” Of course by now that cake has more than made the rounds. It shows up at every 4th of July potluck and everyone has tried their hand at making it.

Well, maybe not me, but that’s because I was worried I wouldn’t get the stripes straight or the blueberries in the right place.

This year let’s try something different, something equally pretty, but much cuter. Sure cake is good, but aren’t these little tarts adorable? And I’m pretty sure I could even pull this one off! (Instructions can be found over at the Food Network.)

Food Network Patriotic Tarts

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  1. Jessy says:

    YUM! Those look so adorable and delicious!

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