For the past week I’ve been scouring the web looking for unique ways to decorate my shiny new apartment and I’ve come across something utterly adorable that I can’t stop thinking about! Whether you are decorating for a sweet soiree like a birthday party or baby shower, or just looking for an easy way to add color to a room—I bring you bunting!

The great thing about these garlands of happiness is that there are literally no limitations. Even the non crafty crowd can easily pull one off with a hole punch, colored paper and a little string.  Or you can find really cute ones to buy online!

Whenever I eventually clear the moving boxes out of the way, you can bet there will be some of these sweet designs making my new apartment a little brighter and in turn, a little homier. Since I’m so smitten with this tiny find, I’ll post a few more for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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