Tiny Finds: Camp Labels

Post by Jessica R.

It’s there, on the registration forms, every time. “Please label all of your child’s belongings.”

Now, you could grab a Sharpie and get to work. Odds are the writing isn’t going to smudge too much during the weeks at camp and you might get lucky and avoid writer’s cramp. Or you could make your life easier and order the camp combo pack from Mabel’s Label.

Mabel's Labels Camp Combo

Fully washable super sticky labels that come in all sorts of fun colors. Add a cute little picture to make them even more identifiably your kid’s. They’re easy to stick to any item of clothing or personal belonging that your child will be packing away in his camp trunk. And you have to admit they’re way classier than black marker scribbles.

My favorite part of the kit is the travel tags – they’re made of sturdy metal so there’s no way they’re going to become faded or get ripped off the bag!

Mabel's Labels Bag Tags

My only recommendation is to consider just putting your last name on all these labels. They’re so durable they’ll still be around when your next child is packing those shorts for camp.

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2 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    I have been using Mabel’s Label’s for over 2 years and LOVE them. They are awesome and not one has ever been ruined or fallen off.

  2. Lisa Anderson says:

    I agree – dishwasher, washer, dryer…never lost a single one! They are perfect to day care, school, camp…anything you need a name in or on.

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