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My daughters know what to do if they get separated from me. They have to find a grown-up, preferably one who has a child in tow on the assumption that a parent is safer, and they have to give them my phone number.

For the 5-year-old that’s not an issue, she’s been practicing and she knows the number perfectly. For the little one it’s more of a problem. To counter the fact that she can barely count let alone remember my ten digit phone number, I’ve resorted to the not classy ‘phone number written in Sharpie on her belly’ trick. But no I have something way more reliable that won’t fade when she swims or sweats.

ArmIDillo safety band

ArmIDillo Child Safety Bands

The band can hold my entire phone number, fits snugly, and doesn’t seem to bother my daughter. I get to relax a bit and put away my Sharpie. Win win if you ask me.

ArmIDillo Child Safety Armband

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