One of the main reasons I went into the stationery industry is because I absolutely love writing and receiving personal, handwritten notes. I also adore anything and everything that adds extra fun, which is why I’m obsessed with Smencils.

Smencils—gourmet scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers and biodegradable plastic—are a favorite staple in my stationery stash! I love choosing a scent for each intended recipient and find the many “flavors” so intriguing—root beer and tropical blast are my favorites. Plus, they are guaranteed to stay smelly for two years, adding extra delight to every word you write.

They even carry holiday smencils, including Sugar Plum! What’s not to love about that? These delightfully scented wonders make great gifts for kids and adults alike, but once you get a whiff, you’ll probably keep them for yourself!

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  5. Thanks for the great article on Smencils!

    We wanted all of our loyal Smencils fans to be the first to know that we are now bringing “Smanimals” to life. Pink Llamanade, Kangarootbeer, Mint Chocolate Chipmunk and friends are on a journey to become real scented stuffed animals. You can track with their busy lives at at Smencils.com or SmanimalWorld.com

    Thanks again for all the Smencil love!

    The Smencils Team

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