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For the last three years, we’ve held a pool birthday party for my eldest. It’s always mid-May and always causes me no end of anxiety in the weeks leading up to it because I’m never sure whether or not the warm weather will get the invitation and show up in time.

This year has been no exception. The never-ending rain that has done wonders for Norther California’s reservoirs is making me rethink our birthday plans. But then, a conversation with a good friend convinced me to go ahead with the original plans.

She wanted to know when the party was going to happen, because for her it’s the sign that summer is starting.

I thought back to the last few pool birthday parties and realized that she was right. Every year it’s the first time we open the pool. The first time we dust off the barbecue. The first time we relax and embrace the warm weather.

I’m still eying the rain clouds and checking the forecast like a hawk, but the invitations have been purchased and received. Tomorrow I’ll send them out to everyone, officially announcing the start of the summer fun.

It’s just another one of those Tiny Pleasures.

Tiny Prints Sea Turtles Birthday Invitation

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