Post by Jessica R.

You open the mailbox and pull out the stack of mail. Standing there in the doorway you flip through the envelopes quickly.

Bill. Bill. Bill. Ad. Ad. Bill for the neighbor.

And there, nestled between an ad for a dentist and a Lands End catalog, is a letter. A real letter. Hand addressed with a cute stamp.

You instantly recognize the handwriting, but you still turn it over, looking for confirmation. And you smile seeing the name written across the back flap.

You throw the bills on the counter and sit down on the couch holding your letter in your hand. Bills can be read standing up. A real letter deserves more attention. Anticipating the joy of reconnecting with a friend, you wiggle your finger into a small opening and rip into the letter.

These days it’s a daily occurrence as Christmas Cards flood my mailbox and I am just loving getting to experience this usually rare Tiny Pleasure so frequently.


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