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The first thing I do every morning is take a shower. Well, really, the first thing I do every morning is open my eyes, groan about the time, go back to sleep for 42 seconds, then get up and go take a shower. But who’s quibbling?

Until recently, after that shower. I would quickly dry off and hurry to get dressed before turning my focus on little members of the family in need of my attention.

Not any more.

Nope. As of this past week I have re-embraced one of my age old tiny pleasures: the plush bathrobe. For an extra ten, fifteen, even sometimes decadent 30 minutes, I’m savoring the luxurious feel of being in a bathrobe. It’s like lounging around at the spa, without either the spa or the lounging.

It has made my mornings exponentially more pleasant.

Comfy Robe

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  1. Kelly Tirman says:

    My bathrobe has seen better days – I think I purchased it in 2004. You have inspired me to get a new one and cut my present one up into cleaning rags 🙂

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