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I moved to the Bay Area from Paris, France, home of the croissant, baguette and constant rain from October to May. In Paris, February is cold and wet and cold and wet. Did I already mention cold? And wet?

So when my first February in the Bay Area rolled around and the thermostat started to go up, up, up, I, pig-headed pessimist that I was, refused to turn on the AC in the car. Who needs AC in a car in February? I was utterly convinced that turning it on would jinx the nice weather. And it was lovely. Warm, sunny, perfect balmy spring weather. In the middle of winter.

I rolled down the windows.

I have since gotten used to the fact that we always get a week or two of perfect spring weather in February. It doesn’t always last, so we know to make the best of it. We pull out t-shirts and flip flops, roll down car windows and eat outside. We bask in the sun before it slinks away for a few more weeks to wait out the rest of winter.

That small window of sun in the middle of the winter months is one of my favorite Tiny Pleasures.

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