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Plane treats just taste better. Don’t you think?

Maybe it’s because you bought that candy bar for $4 instead of $0.50. Maybe it’s because those pretzels are seasoned with the taste of far away lands. Either way, I’ve found that anything that I eat on a plane tends to be extra sweet and extra tasty.

That’s why I reserve my favorite candy ever for plane rides. I just love opening my $6 bag of Twizzlers right after I buckle my seat belt, pulling one of the shiny red ropes of strawberry licorice out of the bag, and eating it slowly as I contemplate the scene outside the window.

Twizzlers are my tiny pleasure. They taste like adventure to me.

Twizzlers by Eyesogreen

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  1. rbucich says:

    Buying great visually stimulating magazines that I wouldn’t otherwise buy my favorite…outside of getting to the destination quickly.

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