I know you are all skeptically looking at your computers right now wondering what on earth could make running pleasurable. Trust me, I know how you feel—a mere six months ago I couldn’t run an entire mile straight through without stopping. Now, I run at least three times a week as I prepare for my first half-marathon race this February.

If your New Year’s resolutions involve fitness, I would encourage you wholeheartedly to make early morning workouts a part of your routine.

early morning run

The world is so refreshingly beautiful when you head out as the sun comes up. Everything is golden and crisp, people are out walking their dogs, kids are jabbering on their way to school and by the time you shower and get ready for the day, you’ll be full of more energy and vibrance than if you had downed six cups of coffee.

It might be hard to hear the alarm going off while it’s still dark outside, but trust me—an early morning run is one of those tiny pleasures you’ll get hooked on fast.

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