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I remember a really cold day in New York City where my pregnant self and my husband were wandering around, trying to soak in as many of the sights as possible in our one-day-per-year visit to the Big Apple.

I remember spotting a cozy-looking French cafe and convincing my husband that we could go in and sit for a moment, if only to thaw our frozen toes.

I remember seeing the basket of fresh French demi-baguettes on each table.

I remember ordering hot chocolate and diving into the basket of bread.

French bread slathered with butter and dipped in hot chocolate is my idea of a perfect snack. Mmm.

In no time the first basket was empty and I was onto the second. Remember, I was pregnant at the time. When the second basket contained only crumbs I flagged down the waiter and asked for a third.

“You’ll have to pay for that one.” He growled at me.

He didn’t realize he was dealing with a crazed pregnant lady until I growled right back. “I don’t care what it costs. Just get me more bread. Please.”

Years later, and no longer pregnant, bread and butter are still my favorite snack. These days though I tend to save the hot chocolate for a special treat!

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