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You sit down in the morning, pen and paper in hand, to make a list of everything you hope to accomplish during the course of the day. Some days that list is daunting—really, really daunting, and it’s hard to get to work on it. Other days the list seems more manageable. And then there are days when you don’t even have time to question the hows or whys, you just get started and don’t look back.

You trudge through the list, one item at a time, crossing things off as you go.

And then, miracle of all miracles, you’re at the last item and you cross it off. You look up and around. It’s not the end of the day yet. There’s still time to do more. But your list is done. So you sit back, relax the muscles in your neck and heave a sigh of relief.

It’s not every day that you finish your to-dos before the day is over, but it’s always a tiny pleasure when it happens.

To Do List

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