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You go to bed and the world looks just the way it has always looked. That tree out in the front, your walkway with the jagged edge you always trip over, the driveway leading to the road you take every morning. Same ol’ same ol’.

You open your eyes in the morning and there’s a particular stillness in the air. Everything seems more muted. You pull aside the curtain and you’re greeted by a breathtaking sight. All that same ol’ same ol’ blanketed under perfect, untainted snow.

What had seemed so ho-hum the night before has been transformed into something magical and wonderful.

Winter Wonderland

We know that many of out Tiny Prints fans wake up to snowy mornings often throughout the winter. But here in the Bay Area, we are rarely greeted by this marvel. This past week one of our staffers snapped this picture outside her home. We were all suitably impressed.

Snow in the San Francisco Bay Area

Happy holidays!

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