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My two daughters and I have been cooped up for the last three days because of various colds, coughs and fevers. After going through a ream of paper and a box of crayons I finally caved and pulled out the Play-Doh. I’m usually loath to go there because the clean up is a bit of a pain and watching all of the colors get smushed together messes with my aesthetic sensibilities, but it had been a long three days and I was somewhat desperate.

I’m glad I did.

Within moments I had my fingers deep in soft silky fun. I was molding little animals, flowers and obscure shapes right along with the girls. The smell was exactly the same as it was when I was a girl and the fun was undeniable.

Who would have thought that I would rediscover one of life’s Tiny Pleasures on a day that had previously been all about cold medicine and tissues?

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