Having recently moved across the country, exploring my new surroundings has been top priority on my to-do list. My last few weekends have been filled with mini road trips and I’ve realized that nothing gets me more excited in the car than a tempting oasis on the side of the road. Be it a little mom n’ pop market, a majestic lookout point or even a little field of wildflowers, I love to make pit stops and check out the local offerings along the way. And since I hail from the Midwest, I simply can’t imagine life without roadside farm stands. Fresh flowers, local honey, strawberries that were picked that morning? Yes, please!

Much to my pleasure, these hidden gems are sprinkled all throughout California. And depending on where you live, you may likely discover one not far from home too! The best thing about pulling off the road to peruse a farm stand is you never know what you’ll find— making the overall trip that much more memorable. It’s a tiny pleasure I’ll always be on the lookout for.

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