Tiny Pleasures: Snow Angels

As I get ready to pack my warmest clothes in preparation for my trip back to the East Coast, part of me is filled with dread.  After living in California for almost 8 years, it seems that I am no longer accustomed to enduring truly cold weather.

However, the inner child in me is also excited to head home for a white Christmas. Memories of sledding in the backyard, building snowmen with sister and, of course, making snow angels fill my head. So, maybe (just maybe), it wouldn’t be so bad if I could enjoy the tiny pleasure of making a snow angel at least once this holiday.

snow angels

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  1. I just woke up and this is the first post I came across while sucking down my morning joe. What an eye-opener!

  2. rach says:

    this is really amazin i loveit.

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