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Back before I ever had kids I had a sacrosanct morning ritual that involved a steaming cup of hot tea, a bowl of cereal, and the morning funnies. Not the newspaper, that’s usually too much serious information that early in the morning, just the comics and the chuckles that come with them.

My daughter disrupted my morning routine pretty much from day one. When she wasn’t fussing and needing attention, I was still too wrapped up in gazing at her adorable face to have any time for Calvin, Hobbes, or any of the other characters who had usually kept me company during breakfast. At first I really missed the stories and the laughs, but I quickly fell out of the habit of searching for them through the many pages of the paper.

I thought that it was just one of those things that motherhood changes.

And yet, almost five years later, I’ve found that I have resurrected my old morning tea-cereal-funnies tradition. It doesn’t take long, usually a mere five minutes, but I’ve gotten back into the delightful habit of checking in my my line drawing friends and seeing what they are up to every morning.

It’s the tiny pleasure that helps me start the day with a smile.

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