Summer can be a great time to get creative with your party treats. Last month at Tiny Prints headquarters we had a huge ice cream party in lieu of our usual birthday cake bonanza. The party planners had one of every kind of ice cream treat imaginable, from Creamsicles to Cherry Garcia and everything in between!

Hot on the heels of these fun summer festivities, we polled Tiny Prints staffers to see what they think are the best treats to serve at a summer event. Check out our list of our Four Favorite Summer Party Treats below, then let us know what you think!

-Maybe they are still cherishing the memory of Drumsticks and Fudgsicles, but Tiny Prints gave a whopping 50% of the vote to good old ice cream as their #1 favorite summer treat.

-Tiny Prints staffers gave exactly 30.4% of the vote to both popsicles and fruit–and for good reason! These sweet snacks are great ways to keep everyone a little healthier this summer!

Cupcakes might be a party favorite during the rest of the year, but they came in last for summer with only 15% of the Tiny Prints vote!

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2 Responses

  1. Krellpw says:

    Three major favorites in our family. 1) When we’re at the ballpark, my son just has to have a rainbow snowcone. You know the one with four different colors that collects into a blackish liquid as the snow cone melts. The stuff is like tie-dye when he spills it on his T-shirt. 2) Watermelon in the backyard just to have seed spitting contests! 3) Ice cream sandwiches…just because!

  2. Katie says:

    I totally agree on the watermelon! I can’t imagine a summer without it.

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