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Whether you’re planning your family vacation for this coming Labor Day or some other time in the near future, there are a variety of ways to ease your stress with online trip planners. Here is a list of websites that offer free and helpful ways to organize your trip with ease.

1) Tripit. I’m currently using Tripit to plan my honeymoon. You can add your itinerary to the program and share it with others. It’s a convenient way to organize all of your activities.

2) Tripcart is great for folks who are unsure of where they are going. You can click on the site’s maps to read interesting facts and information about various places to help you decide on a location. Then, you can create an itinerary.

3) TripWiser is an online travel community where you can network with other travelers, share photos and read about their vacation experiences. It also has a feature that allows you to create an itinerary. They even have a great section on Affordable Family Vacations.

4) One site I often frequent is TripAdvisor. Most of the time, user reviews of various hotels, activities and vacations are right on the mark.


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