Twin Birth Announcements

This morning a good friend texted me that a mutual friend of ours was being prepped for a c-section because she had gone into labor in the middle of the night. She was only 34 weeks pregnant with twins so the next two hours involved a lot of nail biting and frantic phone checking at the merest hint of a buzz. At 34 weeks the outcome could be anything and we were worried for our friend and her babies.

Much to our collective relief, news came in the form of a single texted photo. Two adorable babies, snuggled side by side in matching hats and blankets, looking healthy as can be.  I heaved a sigh and stopped pacing to gaze at their adorable little faces. The only thing better than seeing a newborn’s face is seeing two side-by-side.

Our friend will be going home in a few days, one baby under each arm. Her days will be doubly blessed with diapers and baby giggles, while I sit at home waiting for my turn to snuggle the babies and for a cute birth announcement to come adorn my fridge.

Twin Birth Announcement by Tiny Prints

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